My publications

This is a list of research and review articles that I have co-authored.

A Drosophila protease cascade member, Seminal metalloprotease-1, is activated stepwise by male factors and requires female factors for full activity. Brooke A. LaFlamme*, Frank W. Avila*, Kevin Michalski, Mariana F. Wolfner. Genetics (2014) 196(4): 1117-29. *These authors contributed equally.

Identification and function of proteolysis regulators in seminal fluid. Brooke A. LaFlamme and Mariana F. Wolfner. Molecular Reproduction and Development (2013) 80(2): 80-101.

The Drosophila melanogaster seminal fluid protease ‘seminase’ regulates proteolytic and post-mating reproductive processes. Brooke A. LaFlamme, K. Ravi Ram, Mariana F. Wolfner. PLoS Genetics (2012) 8(1):e1002435. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1002435.

Functional genome annotation of Drosophila seminal fluid proteins using transcriptional genetic networks. Julien F. Ayroles*, Brooke A. LaFlamme*, Eric A. Stone, Mariana F. Wolfner, Trudy F. Mackay. Genetics Research (Cambridge). (2011) Dec 93(6): 387-95. *These authors contributed equally.

Insect seminal fluid proteins: identification and function. Frank W. Avila, Laura K. Sirot, Brooke A. LaFlamme*, C. Dustin Rubinstein*, Mariana F. Wolfner. Annual Review of Entomology. (2011) Jan 56: 21-40. *These authors contributed equally.

Molecular social interactions: Drosophila melanogaster seminal fluid proteins as a case study. Laura K. Sirot*, Brooke A. LaFlamme*, Jessica L. Sitnick, Frank W. Avila, Clement Y. Chow, Mariana F. Wolfner. Advances in Genetics. (2009) 68:23-56. *These authors contributed equally.

Proteomic analysis of Drosophila mojavensis male accessory glands suggests novel classes of seminal fluid proteins. Erin S. Kelleher, Tom D. Watts, Brooke A. LaFlamme, Paul A. Haynes, Therese A. Markow. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. (2009) 39:366-71.

Genetic architecture of hybrid male sterility in Drosophila: Analysis of intraspecies variation for interspecies isolation. Laura K. Reed, Brooke A. LaFlamme, Therese A. Markow. PLoS One. (2008) 3(8):e3076.

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