Sex in the news: April 1-7

This week in sex news:

  • Cornell University received a $10M Specialized Research Center grant from the National Institutes of Health to establish a Center for Reproductive Genomics. Researchers at the center will study the whys and hows of human reproduction and attempt to find new treatments for infertility.
  • Julia Baird highlighted the story of Norrie May-Welby in the New York Times Opinion pages. Norrie recently won the right to register her sex as “unspecified” in government documents in Australia. Born a boy, Norrie later underwent sex reassignment surgery, but realized that she didn’t completely identify with being female, either, and has therefore shunned gender labeling.
  • A study reported in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B found that promiscuous mouse species’ sperm swims faster than their less randy relatives’. The makeup of proteins on the sperm tail holds the key to making swifter sperm.
  • And finally…Aquinas College macroeconomics professor Stephen Barrows was pranked this April Fools by one of his students during class. Professor Barrows’ policy is that anyone receiving a phone call during class must answer the call on speaker phone. The student, Taylor Nefcy, had a friend call from the “pregnancy resource center” to confirm that she was pregnant. Prof. Barrows was, understandably, shocked and dismayed that he had caused such embarrassment for a student. That was, of course, until she said the magic words: April Fools! Video of the prank has already received over 14 million views on YouTube.

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