Even if it is a mostly symbolic gesture, Gov. Cuomo’s push for wider abortion access in NY is admirable. Especially in an age when so much disinformation and vitriol surrounds the abortion issue. Check out the article above at swampland.time.com.

In other news, Arkansas is going in the opposite direction. Their state legislature just voted 25 to 7 to ban nearly all abortions after 20 weeks. The only thing that would stop the bill now is a veto by the governor.


There are two Americas when it comes to abortion—one in which it’s nearly impossible to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, and one in which access to the procedure is mostly unfettered and often publicly financed. Geography is everything. While abortion has been a federally protected right for 40 years, in some states, women must travel hundreds of miles and devote days to terminating pregnancies; poor women who can’t afford to pay out of pocket must find privately-funded organizations to pick up the tab. In others, obtaining an abortion is logistically as simple as making and showing up to a standard doctor’s appointment.

New York is one of the latter, with few abortion restrictions and greater access to the procedure than nearly any other state. Gov. Andrew Cuomo reportedly wants to widen access even further and has proposed rewriting a state law that now limits abortions after 24 weeks of pregnancy…

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