Could cell phone use reduce male fertility?

For men, using a cell phone could damage your chances of having a baby. Even though cell phone use was linked to higher levels of testosterone, in a recent study at Queen’s University in Canada, it was also linked to lower sperm quality. Men who reported cell phone use had lower levels of luteinizing hormone, which is needed to transform circulating testosterone into the form that promotes fertility.

The study included over 2000 men who attended an infertility clinic between 1997 and 2007…probably would be harder to find men these days who don’t use cell phones at all. The research is based only on correlation between fertility parameters and cell phone use, and only in men who already had fertility problems, so the finding needs to be backed up in a more controlled experimental design.

The reason this latest study is so compelling, though, is because it is part of a growing number of studies linking cell phones to problems with sperm. For example, this paper links 2 hours of cell phone exposure per day to an increase in damaging reactive oxygen species in rat testes. And this paper that found DNA damage in human sperm in a test tube after exposure to cell phone radiation.

What do you think? Would these findings keep you away from your cell phone, fellas?

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