Shopping for a daddy

Gotta get that sperm there fast!

A story about Danish sperm banks was just published on the BBC News website. Denmark remains one of the few European countries where men can anonymously donate sperm–and women from all over are buying it up. And talk about sexual selection: sperm customers can filter potential daddies by height, weight, eye color, and even their voice, if it’s available.

While there are, of course, many factors that influence which genes will become more prevalent in the human population, perhaps low cost of artificial insemination and anonymity of the father will become two of the big ones…

But on a serious, note, this is a clear-cut case of sexual selection in action. Men are competing for chances to fertilize eggs; the more in demand their sperm is, the more money they can earn. And women are definitely being choosy about who gets to be the daddy. Most women shopping for sperm in Denmark prefer donors who are taller than 5’11″, have blue eyes, and fall within a specific weight range.

The best part: everything can be done on the computer (except the actual donation, obviously). It’s like Facebook for fathering. Really makes you feel bad for those poor manakin males performing crazy stunts for a chance to interest a female.

I guess when you cut out all the extraneous dating and relationship stuff, we get to what women really want…in their sperm, that is.

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